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Planning For Your Future Health Needs

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Quality Life Planning


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Sandy Andreychuk

Advance Health Care Consultant

Quality Life Planning


"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it"

When we take the time to reflect on what makes our lives comfortable, satisfying and worthwhile, we can begin to integrate these simple things into our everyday existence. This takes effort. Without effort,  we leave things up to chance. 


By planning for our future,  we gain control of how our life unfolds and ensure that what's important to us continues to be part of our everyday life experience. 

As we face various challenges in our lives, we have the opportunity to reframe our perspective of what makes life worth living. 

Whether we find ourselves in an acute health crisis or we simply progress in our aging process, it benefits us  to be clear of what brings us joy and what we are not willing to endure!   A clear understanding of this balance will allow us to live our best life until our last breath.

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What is QLP

What Quality Life Planning has to offer...

  • Advance Health Care Planning

  • Development of Advance Health Care Directives and Living Wills

  • Health Advocacy

  • Health Education (community and health professionals)

  • Interactive Workshops and Seminars

  • Supporting groups and individual in the process of health care planning

  • Facilitated Group Discussions

  • Assisting with difficult decision making, conflict resolution and mediation.



I have worked in the health industry for many years.  I know from personal experiences, and in my professional life, that the health care system can be extremely difficult to navigate.  I also know that as much as we try to accept the reality of death it is universally one of the greatest challenges we must all face,  for ourselves and with those we love.  It's frightening to stare death in the face. It is difficult, at best, to lose someone we love, whether they have been with us for a short period, taking their first and last breath moments apart,  or they have lived a full life with longevity on their side.  Dying and death is hard no matter how you slice it.


Our goal at QLP is  simple.  We aim to make the process of planning for  death a little easier. We also want to ensure people in our community have access to the tools they need to plan for future health care needs.  Whether you are making your own plans or you are supporting a loved one in their journey, QLP is here to help navigate this tricky landscape. When we accept  that death is the only certainty in life and embrace the need to prepare for death, whether it is imminent or years away, things tend to go a whole lot better for us and those we leave behind.  When we start talking about death and dying we inevitably start talking about life and living.  Planning can be full of joy, sadness, laughter, and tears but ultimately it  leads us to a place where we can set our priorities, grab hold of life and live it well.

The life you want begins by embracing the life you have.

With Kindness Always, Sandy


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The Goal
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