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The Goal at QLP is to empower you to make good decisions about your health and well-being.  Our approach to building knowledge is through offering fun, interactive and informative educational opportunities that are accessible to everyone. We offer both curated and custom tailored workshops and seminars.  There is even opportunity to make your session fully interactive with assistance from our facilitators. 

Upcoming Coffee House Chats,  Workshops & Seminars

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Who will speak for you when it really counts?  Who would you trust to make your health care decisions? You have the power to choose this person?  The best time to think about this is now!

Quality Life Planning is collaborating with Bob Kemp Hospice to bring you a:


3-Step Self Paced  Advance Care Planning Workshop



One-to-One free virtual consulation (individual or families) with ACP Expert, Sandra Andreychuk



Celebrating ACP day on April 16th!!

This 3 Part self guided workshop will assist you in preparing for the unexpected and often unwanted challenges we face as we age or experiences a serious illness. You can complete your advance care planning on your terms on your own time:

Download the slides

Read, watch and reflect at your own pace

Enjoy peace of mind with your Advance Care Plan

Book your 30 min consult with Sandra, to answer any questions you might have or for guidance and support as you complete your plan.


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